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Pool Care

Hang 'n' Hold Brackets

Pool Clear Hang n Hold

Easy to install brackets to hold most telepoles and accessories. Ideal for tidy up your pool tools for easy ac...

Wishbone Clips

Universal wishbone telepole clips to replace most OEM equipment

Titan Auto Pool Cleaner

Automatic Pool Cleaner supplied with hose.
Suitable for all pool surfaces.
For use in in ground and aboveground pools

Floating Pool Thermometer

Floating Thermometer measuring both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Comes with tether strap to secure in pool

Filter Savers 5pk

Filter skimmer socks suitable for all skimmer baskets. Prolongs the life of the filter sand and aids filtration.
Pack size: 5 per bag

Moulded Leaf Scoop

To gather loose and/or floating debris, leaves and to retrieve small objects from the pool floor. Large net capacity. Manufactured with superior plastics.

18" Poly Broom

For all general brushing of pool walls and floors. Superior quality plastics with UV protection. Angled head for superior access. Fits most poles.

Flexible Vachead

8 Wheeled Vacuum Head for use in All Concrete, Fibreglass, Pebblecrete and Marblesheen Pools.
Fits all telescopic Poles.

Vinyl Vachead

All Brush Vacuum Head for use in All Vinyl pools and suitable for in ground and above ground pools.
Fits all telescopic Poles.