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Veanavite No.1 Calf Pellets 25kg

VEANAVITE® No 1 Calf Pellets are formulated to aid the development of the calf rumen during

the milk feeding phase and until the transition to pasture at around 12 weeks of age.

Features and benefits

  • Contain protein derived from all natural resources and do not contain urea.
  • Include a blend of carbohydrates and high quality proteins that are readily fermentable.
  • Pelleting structure ensures no separation of ingredients and improves digestibility and palatability.
  • Contain a coccidiostat and buffers to reduce the risk of acidosis.

Directions for use

Calves should be allowed unrestricted access to VEANAVITE® No 1 Calf Pellets from day 1 along with good, clean straw and clean water.

Indicative specifications

  • 22% Protein
  • 12.5 MJ ME/kg

Product availability

  • 25 kg bags
Price: AUD $15.91 (ex. GST)