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Solo 646 45cc 15" Chainsaw

The SOLO 646 characterize the latest SOLO generation of chainsaws in the upper middle-class.

The utilization of latest materials, superior ergonomic features and new SOLO saw family design improve work efficiency while simultaneously reducing physical effort.

- Large volume compressed fibre filter
- The magnesium crankcase can withstand extreme demands. 
  It is embedded in a plastic main frame
- Easy start with primer and decompression valve
- Handle ergonomics
  The swept back front handle supports a natural operating position
- Practical design
  A slim saw body, the neutral centre of gravity and the low weight combine   
  for superior user friendliness and the best performance weight
- Lateral chain tensioning
- Three piece crankshaft
  Forged for max. wear resistance and for demanding cutting jobs
Price: AUD $537.05 (ex. GST)