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Fowlers Vacola Professional Stainless Steel Preserver

The Professional Stainless Steel Electric Preserving Kit allows the consumer to preserve fruit in around 75 minutes with the ease and convenience of a thermostatically controlled electric unit.

The inbuilt thermostat will enable control of the water temperature, essential for successful preserving.

The Professional's state-of-the-art element, made from copper and chrome-plate, will automatically reset following any abnormal rises in element temperature, enabling the unit to shut down. The newly designed strainer gives efficient temperature distribution and is removable for easy cleaning. The thermostat enables the kit to be employed as an urn. Ideal for catering and functions.

The kit is aimed both at the beginner (who wants to buy the best in the first instance) and the avid preserver (who preserves large quantities of fruit) and is increasingly sought after by ‘cottage industries’ (making preserves for sale)
and by restaurateurs.

The Professional Unit is also ideally suited to those who already have existing equipment and who wish to update their unit. It is also used extensively by home brewers, as the thermostat enabled effective processing of hops and barley, etc.

Price: AUD $454.50 (ex. GST)