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About The Riverina Co-operative

"The Riverina Co-operative is one of Wagga Wagga’s success stories".

From our humble beginnings in 1961 The Riverina Co-op has grown from a single rented room to the 'Co-operative' it is today. Currently employing 26 highly experienced and friendly staff, The Riverina Co-op offers our customers a massive range of Rural and Domestic products and the experts to help you find the right product for you, your business and your family.

The Co-operative was set up to meet the growing needs of the rural community and to provide a range of quality goods and expert advice at competitive prices.

"50 years on and the Riverina Co-Op is still dedicated to the growing needs of the Riverina's Rural Community"

To meet those requirements the range of products we stock has been greatly expanded and the Co-Op have employed industry experts so we can offer our customers and Members first class advisory services to help you achieve maximum efficiency from your farms and rural businesses.

Twenty years ago the decision was also made to provide goods and services for all Wagga Wagga and district residents which involved expanding our product lines to include Men's and Women's Clothing,  Liquor department, Hardware and Animal Health division.

"The Riverina Co-operative is owned by its 11,000 members who not only benefit through the competitive prices charged but also receive a discount at the point of sale".

By far the biggest decision made by Co-Ops board of directors during the last 50 years was to move the business from its location at the “Top End” of Baylis Street in the city’s Central Business District.

A search began for a new green field location which would allow the Co-operative to expand and to introduce new services to our clients and members.

We found a block of land in Moorong Street which was considered the perfect location.

It provided excellent access for its clients living in areas south, east and west of the city making shopping at the Co-Op a convenient and enjoyable experince with ample off street parking and Drive-thru Service. Those living to the north also were given easy access following the completion of the Gobba Bridge.

As the Riverina Co-Op continues to grow year after year further land has been purchased to allow for future expansions.

"As part of its expansion the Co-operative saw the need to create a hub of like minded businesses to provide a “one stop shop” for people involved in the rural industry".

With this in mind “The Co-op Complex” was built and opened in 2004.

Today this complex houses AJ Gallagher Insurance Brokers, Bidgee Pumps, H Francis & Co Stock and Station Agents and AGA Grain as well as a convenient coffee shop, Moorish Café and Glencore.

From those small beginnings 50 years ago much has been achieved.

Today the Co-operative not only caters for many of the needs of its members and customers but is well placed to service those changing needs over the next 50 years and beyond.

Our Principles

The co-operative principles are guidelines by which co-operatives put our values into practice.

Voluntary and Open Membership

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Our Mission

Riverina Co-operative Society Limited is a locally focused retail co-operative that seeks competitive advantage in quality, value-added products and services.

As a co-operative, we share skills and resources among business units t...

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