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Veanavite Guardian Lamb & Kid Milk Replacer 10kg

VEANAVITE® Guardian is a premium quality milk replacer formulated to provide optimal nutrition for young lambs and goat kids.

Features and benefits

  • Blend of spray dried milk powders provides a rich source of protein and energy fortified with essential vitamins, highly available organic trace minerals and antioxidants
  • Added Fibosel® contains exposed and activated beta-glucans to assist natural self defence
  • Includes Protexin® multi-strain probiotic to balance the digestive system, while improving feed conversion and weight gain

Directions for use

  • Provide adequate colostrum - feed the lamb or kid goat with at least one 50 ml feed of colostrum within 6 – 8 hours of birth or preferable three feeds of 100 ml each of colostrum over 18 hours. Cow colostrum is a suitable alternative if ewe or doe colostrum is not available.
  • Feed VEANAVITE® Guardian Lamb and Kid Milk Replacer and follow mixing and feeding instructions
  • Confine from pasture during the rearing period
  • Allow unrestricted access to VEANAVITE®Lamb Starter Pellets from day 1 of the feeding program. A suitable ration should be made available for goat kids.
  • Provide good quality roughage and clean water at all times
  • Provide a clean, dry, well ventilated draught free environment


  • 26% Protein
  • 24% Fat

Product availability

  • 10 kg bags
Price: AUD $59.05 (ex. GST)