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Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice 15kg

Puppies 2 - 24 Months

PRO PLAN Puppy Chicken & Rice with OPTIstart is a unique formula which is highly palatable and digestible. It provides high quality proteins (28%) and fats (18%) from real chicken as the number 1 ingredient, and rice as the main source of carbohydrates. This formula helps promote optimal body and mental development to help growing puppies reach their full potential.
  • Highly digestible protein and carbohydrates for better digestibility and proven optimal absorption of all essential nutrients.
  • Contains DHA: naturally found in mother’s milk, important for brain and vision development.
  • Optimal calcium and phosphorus balance for bone growth and development of strong teeth.
  • Natural antibodies from milk scientifically proven to enhance immune response.
Price: AUD $38.18 (ex. GST)