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Golden Cob Wild Bird 20kg

Premium Breeder's Quality Seed Mixes

GOLDEN COB knows birds best.

Since 1895 we have been producing the GOLDEN COB Breeder's Quality range of seed mixes to provide Australian birds with the nutrition they need for health and vitality.

Each GOLDEN COB product contains a mixture of carefully selected quality seeds. which has been specially formulated for your bird.

A diet of seed alone is typically low in essential nutrients but GOLDEN COB seeds are coated with our unique vitamin and mineral enriched oil to provide:

  • VITAMIN A - important for maintaining a healthy immune system and good eye sight.
  • VITAMIN D3 - to assist calcium absorbtion.
  • VITAMIN E - for reproductive health and increased fertitlity.
  • IODINE - for healthy thyroid function.

Developed by reputable breeders and avian experts the GOLDEN COB Breeder's Quality Range includes 10 specially formulated products available in 2kg, 5kg and 20kg packs.

Golden Cob Wild Bird 5kg 20kg

Feeding GOLDEN COB Wild Bird seed mix in your garden provides wild birds with a healthy supplement to their natural diet.

Attract a variety of beautiful wild birds in three easy steps:

FEED - Position your feeder in an area in your garden easily accessible to wild birds and away form potential predators.
Regularly remove empty husks and re-fill your feeder with GOLDEN COB Wild Bird or Grey-Striped Sunflower.

WATER - Birds need clean, fresh water and will be encouraged to return to your garden if it is available.

HABITATE - Planting native flowering plants will attract wild birds and provide them with shelter and a natural food source.

Price: AUD $40.91 (ex. GST)