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Corpice Chick Grower Crumbles 20kg

CopRice Pullet Grower Crumble

CopRice Pullet Grower Crumble is a complete crumble feed formulated specifically for replacement laying hens and ornamental birds from 6 to 8 weeks of age to point of lay.

CopRice Pullet Grower Crumble is formulated to contain all the nutrients required for healthy, growing pullets. The excellent nutritive value of rice bran, along with quality grain and protein sources aids to provide an exceptional complete and balanced feed. Rice bran is naturally high in Omega 6 (an Essential Fatty Acid) which helps support good growth and healthy pullets.

CopRice Pullet Grower Crumble is formulated with an anticoccidial feed additive which will help prevent the incidence of caecal and intestinal coccidiosis in young pullets. Caecal and Intestinal coccidiosis as an intestinal parasite and can be detrimental to the health and growth of young chicks and pullets.


Feeding guidelines

  • Feed CopRice Pullet Grower Crumble without restriction and make sure all birds have access to feed at all times.
  • Make sure all pullets have access to clean water at all times.
  • The pelleting and crumbling process provides you and your chickens with a safer, convenient, uniform and cost effective product.
  • Feeding CopRice pelletised and crumbled feeds ensures every mouthful is complete and balanced with the correct combination of vitamins, minerals, anticoccidial feed additive, energy, and protein. This pelletising process eliminates the risk of ingredient separation and in turn decreases the risk of wastage.


Ingredients selected from

Cereal grains (wheat, barley, maize, rice and/or sorghum), what bran, soybean meal, canola meal, rice bran, limestone, sodium bentonite, dicalcium phosphate, CopRice Pullet grower vitamin and mineral premix including essential amino acids and coccidiostat, salt, choline chloride.


Nutrient Specifications



Crude ProteinMin 16.0%
Energy (ME Poultry)Min 2,950 kcal ME/kg
Crude FibreMax 7.0%
Crude FatMin 3.0%
CalciumMin 1.1%
LysineMin 0.9%
Analysis: nutrients in dry matter, nominal moisture 12% as fed.