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Classic Mini Ugg Boots

Our Classic Mini sheepskin boots meet the ultimate level achievable in comfort footwear; easy to enter, luxuriously warm and comfortable, yet fashionable enough to wear out with jeans too. Their ankle height (19cm) and generous opening provides easy access fitting for all sized feet. These boots are made from 100% A-grade Australian sheepskin that naturally ventilates and insulates the foot keeping you warm in the winter and cool in summer. Sheepskin helps retain skin moisture due to the natural lanolin and anti bacterial properties it contains, therefore helping prevent cracked heels, soothing dermatitis and a lot of other skin complaints. Chic Empire use premium components including light weight yet durable Durasole™ soles, Formflex™ heel reinforcement and Ultastitch™ double stitching. These boots will be your favourites for years to come!

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