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Castrol Agri Grease Plus 450g


Agri Grease Plus* is a high performance grease for a wide range of farm and associated machinery applications, including cars, trucks, 4WD’s and pumps. 

It has been proven in the field as a performer in severe duty applications, protecting ball and roller bearings, especially on-land/on-road, high load applications.
It is also suitable for general chassis greasing, ball joints, CV joints and other plain bearing lubrication. 

*Although generally compatible with other lithium-based greases Agri Grease Plus’ superior performance will be diminished by mixing with other greases. It is not compatible with bentone (clay) or aluminium complex greases. 

Housings or grease ways should be either pre-cleaned or flushed to remove old lubricants before use.


  • One grease reduces inventory: Saves money.
  • One grease simplifies servicing: Avoids misapplication.
  • Resists water wash-off.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors: Protection between seasons.
  • Very high melting point: Maintains lubricity.
Price: AUD $7.27 (ex. GST)