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Castrol Activ 4T 1lt


Castrol Activ 4T is a high quality mineral based engine oil for all four-stroke motorcycle engines and auxiliary equipment engines. 

It provides excellent protection against the arduous conditions farm bikes and quads often endure.
Castrol Activ 4T contains active protection molecules that cling to the engine and transmission parts leaving a protective film even when the engine is turned off. This provides enhanced protection against wear during the crucial start-up and warm-up periods. 

Castrol Activ 4T is also suitable for a wide range of four stroke-petrol engines used in generators, lawnmowers and light power equipment.


  • Protective film: reduces engine wear during start-up and warm-up.
  • Improved engine cleanliness: longer engine life.
  • Controlled phosphorous content: helps exhaust catalyst durability.


Castrol Activ 4T is recommended for use with the following manufacturers’ requirements;
  • SAE 15W-50
  • API Petrol: SG
  • JASO MA: Registration no. M0044CAS005.
Price: AUD $11.77 (ex. GST)